#78 Front Squat With Straps

Front squat is a great exercise to work the legs and core which works multiple muscles.   If you have trouble with your mobility or wrist pain issues that can associate with the front squat barbell rack position you can use 2 straps to help to solve this issue.   Check out picture below to get an Idea what I am talking about.  There are many youtube videos out there you can check out if you need more information on this.  This tip can help those who have trouble in this position.  I highly recommend that you work on your mobility and not use this to cheat at all times but as a tool that helps you do things you can't do yet or for a temporary time due to injuries.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 3.49.11 PM.png

#73 Slackline Training

Slackline training is a great training for the motor skills it can be super challenging and fun.  Ratchet straps can be a cheap substitute for slackness and you can easily get one at a local hardware store.  This is something that will work your feet, legs and core.  This is great for the central nervous system and improving balance.  Gracie family athletes have provided information on the past with this type of training with the benefits of this type of training.

I previously spoke about articles on this topic and if you have not seen my article check out my article below:

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Video Below is footage of Lyoto Machine training on the slack line.

Eventually you want to be able to do squats, pistols while balancing on the slack line.  You can work on jugging skills to take it to the next level .