Emre AKA "Coach Hawk" is a judo black belt who has been studying martial arts, strength and conditioning for over 20 years. Emre spent 12 years in Eastern Europe studying various martial arts and Eastern European training methods.  In order to enhance his understanding of martial arts and human movement, he studied biomechanics and obtained his under graduate and graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at The Catholic University of America.  Emre is a black belt in Judo, blue belt in BJJ.  Emre competes in Judo, Sambo and BJJ.  Emre has produced National, Pan-AM, European, State medalists in several sports.              

Emre works with athletes from several different backgrounds and provides Personal Training Services to clients ranging from 7-65 years of age.  Emre also has services for grappling arts and self defese lessons.