#7 Why Women Should Learn BJJ for Self Defense

For those who don't know about my background, I started Karate when I was 3 and Judo when I was 12.  I studied various various martial arts including Brazilian Jujitsu, boxing, wrestling,  Muay Thai, Sambo.  I studied martial arts in Eastern Europe and when I came back to U.S.  I was fascinated to learn about Brazilian jujitsu.  One thing I did not like about BJJ was that I could not rely on my strength and athleticism to do dominate.  This was not necessarily a bad thing.  I just had to truly learn the art.   I was a Judo black belt and even though Judo has ground work like BJJ  I was  still struggling with  BJJ blue belts.  They were really good and had all the dirty tricks of the ground game.  After a while once I figured out how this form of man chest works I was able to catch up.   One thing I noticed in BJJ that you don't see in other martial arts as much is how dangerous women can get in this sport.  I got tapped by women and in BJJ clubs and it is very common to see women tapping men out.   You don't see this in other combat sports as much.  You don't see girls dropping guys in boxing gyms, or rag dolling men on the wrestling mats, or throwing judo guys on their heads  as much unless they are named Rhonda Rousey.  Rhonda is definitely an exception.  In other combats sports, of course you see women dominating men but usually you see this only when there is a huge skill difference.  I was not used to see how women beat guys on the BJJ mat and it was a quite refreshing, humbling experience when I rolled with them. 

There are couple reason's why I believe this is happening.  The first thing is,  like said earlier, in BJJ technique is super important and muscling people only goes so far.  The second reason is that I think women are more analytical then men.  They analyze and pay attention to the details of the technique.  They don't have as much as ego as men do and they definitely don't try to just muscle their way to a submission so they pay much more attention.  With time heir techniques become super sharp because they actually practice the sport the way it should be.  

One of the main reasons why BJJ is so effective is because, you learn how to use your lower body to attack your opponents neck, arm, ankle.  2 legs have more power than one persons neck or limb.  When a BJJ player applies a choke they are basically trying to use their two legs to choke someones neck or if they are trying an arm bar they are using their two legs and 2 arms on their opponents one arm.  Legs are super strong.  Our legs carry us so they are quite strong even for those who don't train. There may be a large difference in female and male upper body strength but there is not much difference with lower body strength.  The average woman  that goes to the gym can put a couple hundred pounds on the leg press and do multiple reps with no trouble.   Do you see now where I am trying to get with this?  In BJJ not only there is so much leverage that can be applied with good technique but one also learns how to use large muscle groups to attack a single limb or neck and by creating a position for a better mechanical advantage.   I am not sure if many understand this but I think this is something that makes BJJ so dangerous.  Of course like anything it has is weakness and that is fighting  multiple opponents.  

My last and final reason why women should do BJJ is, if I man is trying to rape her he will be in her guard.  BJJ practitioners learn how to play guard all day and this will be a situation they will be familiar with and they can easily apply triangle chokes, armbars, etc.  If all else fails they can pull a nasty heel hook which is a technique that is illegal in most BJJ tournaments because it easily causes destruction to the ankle.   I think BJJ is best for the ladies.  If you have a daughter and you are thinking about Karate, think again.   It is no coincidence you can find several ladies taping out dues on youtube.