#17 A Yoga Pose That Will Blast Your Muscles

8 angle yoga pose is an awesome pose that I recommend to my clients.  This workout will work you head to toe and it will blast your core.  It is great for building up strength endurance and for getting out of the daily routine.  I suggest starting slow and holding the pose for a a short duration of time that you can handle.  Slowly build up how long you can hold the pose and try to work up to 5 minutes.  For those that accomplished holding the pose for 5 minutes minutes, the next thep is to get a partner to throw a swissball at you while you are trying to maintain your position.  This is going to activate many more stabilizers and will force your muscle to contract harder.  You can do this partner exercise while wearing a blindfold as well.  Another advanced method to do this pose is, to hold the pose on two kettlebells.  Basically, you will grip the handle of the bells while performing this exercise.  This will get your hand sand forearm muscles to work harder and it will add a whole new level of balancing challenge to the workout.  Be safe and always work on a soft mat in case you fall forwards.

If you never performed this pose before, check out video below: