#33 Band Training

Band training is a great way to get your heart rate up, build up rotational strength and explosive strength.  Many Judokas, wrestlers and sambo practitioners use bands to practice their throws.  Band throws are a super functional exercises that transfers to these sports.

Band training can also improve grip strength.  You can link the band  with sleeve grips that can be bought online and this will take your grip strength to a whole new level.  

Bands training is very joint friendly and makes a great tool to cross train while reducing risk of injury.  I use bands during my warm ups and I also use them as drills as shown in videos for grappling practice.  Alexander Karelin was known for using bands.  In videos below you will also see Judo legend, Illias Illiadis training with band as well.  

In videos below, you will see athletes performing judo techniques: Ippon seoinage, Morote Seoinage, Sode Tsuri komi goshi and kuzushi (off balancing).   

Bands can be used for strength but also speed so make sure to use the heavy ones and the light ones to build up strength and speed.