#45 A Tip On Kettlebell Band Swings.

Kettlebell swings are a great explosive exercise that focus on the hips and combining this exercise with a band takes this exercise to a whole new level.   This exercise should be done regularly by athletes that need explosive strength.  One common mistake I see is when I see athletes use a bands that are way to heavy in terms of resistance for the weight of kettlebell that they are using.   If I do this exercise with a 55 lbs kettlebell I would use a  25-30 lbs resistance band.  If you use a heavy band I recommend keeping this same band to kettlebell ratio.  The band resistance should about half of the kettlebell weight you are working with. When you do this exercise make sure to bring the bell a little over the level of your head.  This is somewhat a location between american swing and the regular swing.

Video below is from DeFrancosGym which demonstrates this exercise: