#47 Super Charge Your Hill Sprints Workouts

Hill Sprints are one of my favorite workouts to get in shape and push my limits.  If you have been practicing hill sprints for a while and you are looking for ways challenge your workouts, try adding a band to your hill  sprint drills.  You will need an exercise partner and a bands that is about 70 lbs of resistance.  Tie a know in the middle of the band as it is shown in video below. Your workout partner will have to work with you and slowly work his way up the while while you are sprinting all out.  Make sure the band is stretched and there is constant resistance throughout the repetition of sprints.   I recommend working hills in HIIT fashion.   If you haven't already, please check out my article Hill Springs:King of All Workouts for additional information to utilize hill sprints in your workouts.