#49 The Mongolian Log Workout (With Short Log)

Below is a video of  a Mongolian Log workout by Marc Switaj.  In this video a short log is used.  Some exercises such as swings can be performed with a shorter logs and these can't really be performed with long logs.  If you don't have a gym or fancy equipment this low tech alternatives like this will give you a great workout and can get you in world class shape. 

In video below you will see Khovskol performing exercise below:

  • Push Ups
  • Overhead squats
  • Log Sit Ups
  • Russian twists with log
  • Backwards Log Throws.                

I turned to log workouts mostly due to my Judo instructor.  My instructor was a Sambo world champion, Wrestling Olympian and Judo multiple time national gold medalist.  He used this training at his earlier years of his career to build up serious functional strength.  I also saw many Eastern Europeans using logs for conditioning.  

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In video below Marc demonstrates the Mongolian log workout: