#50 Yuri Foreman's Partner Chest Press Drills

I never had the pleasure to meet Yuri Foreman but a good friend of mine was roommates with him for a duration when Yuri first came to us.  My friend always provided cool insights on Yuri's training and his process of learning boxing in the old Soviet ways.  The video below is a partner chest press exercise which in my opinion is a great exercise for combat athletes.  In the initial phase of the exercise Yuri performs chest presses which are similar to floor presses but since his opponent's arms are fully extended, this brings a whole new level of stabilization requirement in to play.  This is much different than floor pressing a barbell and is a great exercise for most athletes in general.  In the second phase of the exercise, Yuri performs isometric holds while his arms are extended but again, this is much different that holding a barbell at arm length.  While Yuri is performing isometric holds, his partner performs push ups, in which, his partner has to stabilize his body by pressing on Yuri's hands.  Yuri's hands has to activate at a greater extend to make sure his partner can successfully stabilize his self.  Yuri also has to work really hard against the vertical momentum during the negative phase of his partner's push up.   There are many vector forces in play during this exercise, which makes it a very challenging exercise.  This exercise is a great tool for firing up stabilizing muscles.  The down fall of this exercise is that you need a partner but the benefits are really great if you can get a chance to work this with someone perform it on a regular basis.