#61 Drop Set Chain Push Ups Workout

Drop Set Workouts shown in video below are great for building muscles that last.  One of my classic workouts is to load a barbell up with 100 lbs (ten plates of 10lbs) and performing bench pressing for a certain amount of reps then removing 10 lbs off each side and repeating this process for 6 sets until the bar is empty.  This workout builds up serious strength endurance.  Another way to work with a similar concept is performing drop set push ups with chains.  During each set one of the chain strips is removed.  The exercise is performed until there is no weight left.  When you perform this exercise with chains, the weight you are working with continuously changes since you will have the chain partially resting on the ground at the bottom phase of the exercise while you will be carrying all of the weight at top phase (full arm extension) of this exercise.  Since the weight changes during the exercise this will add a whole new stimulus to this drop set workout and it makes it super challenging.  Check out video  below by rogue for the details of this exercise.