#63 A New Concept In Functional Training: Barrel Training

A while back John Brookfield rocked the world when he shared his battle rope system.  John is a phenomenal athlete and coach that inspires many.  He always thinks outside of the box and he is a leading expert in functional and grip strength.  I think we all should start thinking outside the box versus traditional training methods that are defined only by the fitness community. Some of the strongest people I met are carpenters, mechanics, farmers and construction laborers.  They spend most of their time building their strength at their daily job and they have a super functional strength that is applicable for martial arts and various other sports.   

I worked in the construction industry  for a while and I was always careful when I shook hands with carpenters.  They just have a "Superman" type strength.  This is something I always could not help but notice.  Some of the contractors did not have the best cardio since they did not eat well, smoked, and drank alcohol, but strength wise they were freaks.  These guys are some of the most functional strong men I know and they did not develop this type of strength in the gym so I think it is very important to think outside of the box and find other ways to make you stronger. 

I think thinking outside of the box is great with everything and this is a path that is less travelled but this is something that can be more rewarding if one can find the courage to go this route.  If we did not have people that did not dare to think different, we would not have as many of the discoveries as we had.  A good example is the Wright brothers.   If we want to be at the frontier line of making changes to the fitness world, or really in any area, we must dare to be different and think outside the box.

Please check out video below for one exercise for barrel workouts.  I will be posting more of these in the future.