#66 Tempo Training Method by Joel Jamieson

Joel Jamieson is one of the greatest coaches out there and his methods seem to be a little different than the ones I am accustomed to.  Joel focuses on different energy systems and utilize them to harness the ultimate performance for athletes.  Joel trained Tim Boetch, Demetrious Johnson.

In video below Joel shares his HIT Tempo training method which consists of performing an activity such as running, biking or battle ropes for 10-12 seconds at 70% to 75% intensity with 1 minute break between rounds.   This is to be performed for 10-16 rounds.  This is a great method for aiding the athletes recovery while building aerobic capacity.

Tempo training was developed by Charle Francis and it was developed for sprinters.  The idea of tempo training is to work at a lower intensity instead of maximum output.   I previously wrote articles about the stressors that athletes face during their regular training seasons and how they need to train smart to gain the most out of their training and minimizing risk of injury at the same time.

To do the Joel's suggested method you need to first perform a 12 second interval at 100% intensity and calculate the 70%-75% of the distance that you covered which will be the target number to meet for these intervals.