#67 Wall Slides for Healthy Shoulders

Wall sliders are great for shoulder health and for good posture.   I previously wrote an article about how posture is linked to testosterone and cortisol production.  The mind and body is connected and it is not a one way but a two way street.  If you have not seen my article on power posing which was based on a Research done by Amy Cuddle please check out my link  below:

How to increase testosterone by 20% within 2 minutes

Wall slides are a staple exercise I do to have a better posture.  Many injuries are caused by bad posture and exercises like this are very important to make sure we have good posture.   Wall slides helped with some of the shoulder issues I had and I use it in conjunction with my bodyblade exercises to build strong healthy shoulders and you can see this article at my link below:

How I Fixed My Shoulders

The wall slides details are shown in video below.  Some key points to remember is to keep the natural curvature of the spine and not to over arch your back to compensate during the exercise.  You also want to ensure that you pause and the bottom and the top position of the arms and to also make sure your hands, elbows, forearms are close to the wall as possible.