#68 The Art of Moving

In previous articles I discussed the importance of rewiring the nervous system and how important this is for success and how it plays a part of the whole puzzle of an athletes success.  I think this is something that the Marinovich Brothers brought some attention to in and BJ Pen was one of the first athletes that displayed the importance of this type of training.   If you have not seen my previous theory on this topic please check out my link below:

Turkish Get Ups With Water Bottle and The Whole Puzzle of Athletic Game


Ido Portal who is a movement expert trained Conor McGregor to win his UFC title over the weekend.  Conor has been destroying his opponents on his path to his UFC titles and I believe success leaves clues.  Many fighters are now seeking movement coaches and they are modifying their training.  Another great athlete that implements this type of training in his tool box is Carlos Condit.  Any sport is built on movement and athletes need to have a solid foundation to build on to excel in any sport.   

Videos below are some techniques these athletes have been using to require their nervous system.