74# Turkish Get Ups With Chains

A couple years ago I saw grip expert Adam Glass use Turkish get ups with chains.  This is something I never seen before and I was quite intrigued by it and I had to try it.   This exercise is has multiple elements to it which makes it different than anything else you have ever tried.  The best way to understand this is to actually perform it.  Don't try to go heavy when you first try this exercise and you really want to take my advice on this one.   During this exercise central nervous system get challenged at a whole new level.  You will have to maintain balance  while the chains are moving, shifting and changing the center of gravity of the kettlebell &  chain.   Basically the kettlebell and chain becomes "one object" during the lift and because the chain continuously moves the center of this "one object" will continuously change throughout the exercise.

The Turkish Getup is already an exercise that challenges balance and coordination and now with this exercise you will have an object that has a center of gravity that is continuously shifting and this makes it tremendously challenging.   Additionally to this, during ground up phase, the weight of this object is continuously increasing so your central nervous system has to fire simultaneously to recruit more motor units to signal to an adequate amount of muscle fibers to perform the lift.  Your muscles will basically have to contract harder to keep with the load of the weight.  These qualities makes this exercise very unique and there are not too many exercises out there that will challenge your nervous system in this fashion.  I think this exercise is a great way to build a functional strength that will truly deliver.