#75 Balance Training

If you have been reading my blog for a while by know you must know how big I am on balance training and my thoughts on how it plays a part in the athlete's overall potential.  Previously I wrote about standing on PVC pipes and walking on slack lines.  If you have not seen my related articles check out my links below.

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Working on 2 by 4s is great way to work on your balance and it is great if you don't have rail you can walk on.  You can easily increase the distance from the ground by stacking a couple of 2 by 4s on top of each other.  There are various things to do to challenge your nervous system while working on this type of platform.  You can do forward backwards walks, lateral walks, lateral walks while squatting (you can squat at different depths to make this more challenging), single leg squats, pistols.  You can also try to perform and hold all these positions while you have partner throw you a tennis ball.  You can also try juggling in this position.   There is a world of things you can do to make things more challenging to keep on improving so feel free to try different things.  I try to use my bodyblade or try balancing a small kettlebell on one hand overhead while I work with 2 by 4s.   I usually keep the Kettlebell 10-15 lbs and this will rock your core.  I try to do this only one sided overhead carries while I work on 2 by 4s so that my core is even more challenged due to the fact that the unloaded side of my core will work harder to keep my core balanced in this unevenly loaded position.  You can try overhead squats with a barbell or try to just stay statically in this position while balancing.  For those advanced athletes, you can try doing a overhead empty barbel squats on one foot.  I see many athletes do this on kettlebells and I think it probably would be safer to do these types of exercises on a 2 by 4 that is closer to the ground.   Good luck with this one and don't forget to have fun!