#95 Building Power with Logs

As you might know already, I am a huge fan of log training.  Many people don't realize that logs are a great substitute to olympic lifts.  For most athletes, unless you are are a olympic lifter, you can do cleans, snatches, jerks with sand bags or logs and get most of the benefits of olympic lifting.  In my opinion, this is a safer alternative and for athletes with injuries such as tennis elbow log olympic lifts tends to be an alternative that does not aggravate their elbow issues as much.

Trainers need to work around their client's injuries with alternative methods like this to build necessary components of strength and conditioning.  Power training exercises with barbells such as snatches, cleans, jerks put a lot of stress on the joints of the athletes due to the nature of these lifts.  They have a high risk of injury especially when they are done with heavy weights.  Addition to this, perfecting the technique of these exercises takes years for olympic lifters.  Most athletes that use olympic lifting as a cross training tool do not have the time to perfect these lifts and using logs and sandbags as a substitute, in my opinion, is  little bit safer.  

Working on power movements with logs is also much different in nature compared to barbell olympic lifts.  The log is centered and the core has to work hard to balance the log.  Also during log power movements, the log can be thrown in air for a short duration time in a safe manner.  It is impossible to do this with a barbell. If you notice during power cleans, the log will be in the air without any contact to your body during the transitional phase.  There are not too many ways to do this with conventional training methods.

Even if you are an olympic lifter, exercises like this can be great for changing up your routine and to build core strength which can help you overcome your plateaus. 


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