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"This book has some very good SportsSpecific Exercises for the Grappling Arts. Having trained in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus on fifteen (15) occasions,the material was very reminiscent to me. Good work and I highly recommend this book" 
Greg Humpreys   
5th Degree Judo BlackBelt, Sambo Head Coach of Pat Miletich's Gym



"This book has provided the edge I was looking for.  Amazing book with lots of useful information"
Steve Yokay
5 X USA National Combat Sambo Gold Medalist
1 X PanAms Combat Sambo Gold Medalist


"A great book for anyone training in judo, jujistu, sambo or any other grappling sport. This book has a lot of great concepts that will help you become better if you apply them in your day to day training routine."
Akin Kurtulan
Judo 3rd Degree Black Belt
1 X USA National Judo Gold Medalists
1 X Masters USA National Judo Silver Medalist
Multiple Time NAGA BJJ Medalist


"This book will a great source of unorthodox exercises that will build strength Eastern European style.  It has many exercises that will make you strong like superman"
Serghei Musteata
1 X  Moldova Combat Sambo National Silver Medalist
1 X Arnold Classic Combat Sambo Gold Medalist
4 X MD State Champion


"This unique collection of exercises will raise your strength and conditioning program to the next level in a way you will not get anywhere else."
Erik Hohl
Judo 1st Degree Blackbelt
Mixed Martial Arts Academy Manager


"This book is very excellent!  The author has done a very good job with this book.  The exercises are very innovative and must have taken a great amount of thought.  I incorporate many of these exercises in to my workouts to keep my core strong."
James Turner, Ph.D.
6th Degree Judo Black Belt,  Coach at National Institutes of Health Judo Club


"This book is very innovative and the quality exercises are outstanding"
Sefer Kocak
7th Degree Judo Black Belt
5the Degree Aikido Black Belt
Owner and Operator of Kocak Security Contractors