Gurilla Rollers Review

I have a ton of rollers/massage-balls and myofascial release is a major part of my recovery.  I have pretty much used every roller out there and probably own most of them.   One roller I came a cross that caught my attention and purchased a APE precision roller.  I needed a  roller for my feet and elbow due to my tendonitis and it seemed like the perfect fit for the job.  The company is  great company and they are great with communicating.  I have been using the roller on my feet, forearms, back and IT band.   I have been using it for about a weeks and it is absolutely amazing.  It looks like a lot of planing went in to the design of this product and this gurilla roller team does not play around when it comes to making solid products that deliver.


  • It's great to get detailed work in especially for small muscles.
  • It's easy to take it anywhere.  I keep it in my gym bag.
  • It is durable and built to last.
  • It's super firm.  I have been rolling for a while and it is hard to find a stiff good roller.  It had perfect stiffness for my use. 
  • It is washable.  Many rollers with time can eventually get moldy especially if you roll on it while you are sweaty.  This can lead to bacteria growth.  This is one of the very few washable rollers I was able to find on the market.  With some soap you can wash this outside or even the sink.
  • It's reasonably priced.


  • It might be too stiff for some folks especially if you are getting started in rolling.
  • It has to be bought online.  It takes a few days and is definetely worth the wait.  

Overall this is an awesome product that will make a difference in my recovery.  I look forward to exploring other products by the gurrilla rollers.  If you wan to check them at you go ahead and visit

Mobility Star Review

Mobility star is a great product that I purchased off the RogueFitness website.   It had some good reviews on it and I was looking for something for the smaller muscles so I went ahead with the purchase.  There were a lot of positive elements that I liked from this product.  I feel it was a smart decision to buy it. 


  • It is much cheaper than other similar Graston Therapy tools.
  • It is solid and made with a high quality stainless steel.   I used this with various creams and oils and there were no issues with rusting.
  • Since it is thin, it fits right into smaller areas which are hard to get with foam rollers or lacrosse balls.
  • It is a great tool to massage the chest, biceps, forearms, feet, hamstrings, fingers if you are working on your self.
  • The hole inside of the tool enables it to be hooked to barbells and dip bars to work the triceps.
  • The curves help with positioning the tool.
  • It is a great tool for a partner to work on you and it can save the hands of masseuses. 
  • If you are working on yourself, it is great for massaging inside the forearm.
  • If you have someone working on you, it is great for outside the forearm.


  • It is not the best tool for larger muscles if you are working on yourself.
  • Since it is a thin tool, it is difficult to get a hold of it to put large amounts of pressure.  I find this kind of annoying especially when I am using creams.
  • If you hook it to barbells or dip bars, it slips and is not easy to use on triceps.

Overall, I think this is a really good tool.