A different Kind of Flossing

After having so many different injuries and spending so much time in physical therapy I started doing research on alternative treatment methods and prevention.  I came across Dr. Kelly Starrett's website and a technique called flossing.     Flossing is a technique which helps with re-perfusing tissues that become stiff after an injury. It works by compressing swelling byproducts out of the tissues and joints in to the lymphatic system for removal.  At first,  I though this method looked quite odd and possibly dangerous.  I was quite desperate for a relief for my knee pain at the time so  followed instructions in a couple videos and I was so amazed how fast it actually worked.   I was able to treat many injuries with flossing and I highly recommend  it.  Adding flossing as a part of your recovery program will help with not just rehabilitating injures but it will also help with preventing them as well.