Nature's Yoga Mat

One is I love about going to the beach is doing handstand walks without worrying about my falling on head and having a fun beach workout.   I really like doing handstand walks.  They are great for the core and upper body strength endurance.   After injuring my shoulder, every time I would do handstand walks I would have a nagging pain the next day that would last several days.  In 2013 when I was at Virginia beach,  I tried doing many handstand walks and handstand push ups and just accepted the fact it may hurt the next day but I was hoping that the sand may absorb some of the impact and be less stressful on my joints.  The day after my workout, I was quite sore but did not have any pain, it was miraculous.  In fact, my forearms felt nasty strong and it felt sore in areas that never used to get sore.  This must be due to the additional stabilizers used to make up for the non-stable surface.  I had my buddy do handstand push ups the next day and he actually felt his forearms sore similar to mine the following day.   Ever since this experiment, I go all out in the sand unless I have a very bad injury and it has been a great rehabilitation tool for my nagging injuries.  Additional to being easier on the joints, it also got so many stabilizers worked which I did not activate much during regular workouts.   Every time I go to the beach I pack a kettlebell.    I do kettlebell throws, swings, squats, cleans, snatches and it always feels easier on my joints to do these exercises at the beach.  Another thing I noticed is that doing explosive sprints, shuffles, plyometrics  is much harder since sand slows you down.  It is a great surface to work on that can make you more explosive since it is harder to do this work on this surface.   I  found out this is the best way to get most out of my training with lowering the risk of injury.

A while back I also read about  Kappel Clarke who has a world record for throwing a 106 lbs kettlebel for 2.7 miles for 1.801 reps.  Kappel basically cleaned the kettlebell and threw it  and did this  action over and over for 5 hours, 37 minutes and 58 seconds.  Kappel completed this feat on sand and after my experience with working on sand I now realize this is probably the best surface for him to do such challenge without crippling him self.   I also think working on sand previously for a long time helped him build up to this type of conditioning.

I reached out to Kappel and spoke to him and he was just such an awesome guy.  I never spoke to someone that passionate about anything.  He is such an inspiring,  strong willed, happy man that has a energy to him that is contagious.  He gave me some tips on how he completed this feet and the challenges he faced.   At the time I did not realize how sand worked in to the equation.

I hope this article works for you and if you are close to a beach, definitely take advantage of working on God's Yoga Mat.  You can do animal drills, kettlebell work, plyomterics, yoga and pretty much everything else.      

Check Out Beach Workout By Funk Roberts

  • Beach Sprints                            10 Intervals
  • Exploding pop-up sprints     10 sets
  • Shuttle Runs                              30  Seconds
  • Continuous Broad Jump      10 Sets
  • Suicides                                       3 Rounds