How I fixed My Shoulder

One day in BJJ practice I got caught in a nasty shoulder lock but I did not tap.  Huge mistake...  Anyways my shoulder started hurting a couple hours after practice.  It continued to hurt a few days and about a week after the incident a friend of mine who was in town wanted to have a kettlebell workout.   I should have said "no" but I could not resist.  It was a horrible mistake. We worked on various lifts and completed numerous snatches.  It was definitely not a good idea. The following day I woke up with a shooting pain inn my shoulder.  Felt like almost my arm was cut off.  I instantly knew something was terribly wrong.  I went to a orthopedic surgeon who gave me a cortisone shot and referred me to a physical therapist.  A couple of weeks after the cortisone shot my shoulder felt like it was "OK" but it actually was not and I worked out during this time and I believe this is when I caused most of the damage.  The MRI's showed that I had a tear in my rotator cuff.  I started physical therapy but it did not really help much.   It was such a bad injury and it felt like there was no way around it.  I had many injuries in the past but something about a rotator injury was very different and I did not have the tools to treat it.   After 8-9 months of physical therapy my shoulder was not any better but after a fellow bjj practitioner's suggested I started working out with a bodyblade.  I followed his advice and  my shoulder started feeling better after a few workouts.  It was almost like magic.  After I bought my bodyblade and worked on it 3-4 months my shoulder felt  better that it has ever been and with in a year it was almost as good as new.   The cost of the bodyblade was about 3 times of he cost of the copayment of my physical therapy seasson so I actually saved probably a couple thousands of dollars  after this purchase.  I immediately stopped going to physical therapy.   I am not saying everyone should stop physical therapy and do what I did.  Everyone's injury is unique and this may not help everyone  but many people told me this helped them out tremendously so I recommend that you ask your physical therapist about this and if will help you out.  I  don't get paid by bodyblade for this article.   It is just a hands down solid tool for shoulder rehabilitation.    It definitely has it's place in strength and conditioning programs and I will get in to this in future articles.

Check out Video below for some basic exercises with the bodyblade.