#9 Awesome Golfball Tea Light Holder Massage

This is a method has been out there for a while but it is not clear who developed it so I won't be able to give the credit to him or her.  This is a really awesome method to massage your self or get someone to massage you.  Rolling is great but this golf ball tea light holder method is something that feels a little different since you can relax the muscle a bit more.  When you roll, your muscles are more engaged compared to laying down and having someone working on you.  I think both methods that should be implemented. 

To do the Golfball Tea Light Massage you will need a goofball and a tea light.  Feel free to use some essential oil if you would like.



This massage feels really good and if you are working on your self you can do arms, forearms, traps,  most parts of your legs very well.  You can roll on the golf ball for the back.  If you have someone to do this for you that is when you will get the ultimate experience.   This massage feels really great.  I highly recommend that you try it.  It will cost you less than a couple dollars and will save you hundreds since you won't need to see your massage therapist as often.