#9 My Dirty Little Secret: Golf Ball Myofascial Release

There are various items for rolling and lacrosse balls and foam rollers seem to be the most used items in the fitness community.  To get in really tight areas I use a golf ball.  This is a very  vicious form of rolling but it feels quite amazing after and you definitely will notice the difference.  To get in some small tight areas you definitely need to try this.  Most of the time I just put it on a tight area and put put some pressure on it without rolling and this make a huge difference with my mobility.  You will notice the instant relaxation in your tissues.  I mostly use golf balls for my lats but feel free to explore and do some fine running to your rolling regimen.  This is definitely an advanced method and if you are new in myofascial release you may want to start with a tennis ball first.  After that you can move on to lacrosse ball or harder objects.  Start slow and with time you will progress.  All these tools are great for self massage and will help your recovery.

I usually start rolling with a foam roller, then I start working with the lacrosse ball and at the end I use golf ball followed by some stretching.  Make sure you drink some water to help your body remove the toxins which will need to be flushed out.