#12 Voodoo Bands For Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a nagging injury that almost never goes away.  There are various things I have done that helped with dealing with tennis elbow.  I recommend you see a Physical Therapist and you run these ideas by her or him before you start implementing these tools below.

One of the things that helped was applying heat.  Please Check out my article "How I cured my tennis elbow" titled article to get more information on this one.  I have also used voodoo bands sucessfully.   I used these methods in together with my physical therapy seasons to heal my tennis elbow.  

Voodoo bands are a great tool and I am sure orthopedic surgeons hate them since they probably lose lots of business because of this method.  Many Physical Therapist are now learning about this method and they are implementing this more and more in the physical therapy field.  The Physical Therapists that I spoke to about Voodoo flossing all told me they are really surprised with the results they are getting and they thought it was fascinating.   Most of them believe it is a new tool that they believe will stay and won't be a fad.

Voodoo Band Flossing techniques are great for elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists and hips.  I use this as a part of my recovery program to prevent injury but to also help my mobility.   Voodoo bands work as magic in terms of mobility and you will notice that you instantly get more flexibility after a quick voodoo band season.    Check out video below for some tips on how to do voodoo band flossing for the elbow.