#13 Voodoo Band Step Ups and Stretch

Voodoo bands helped my overall mobility tremendously.  I hurt my knee a while back and I would get lots of tightening in my quad, valve and ham string.  Mobility band squats helped my mobility a lot but it did not provide all the results I was looking for.  When I started doing voodoo band step ups this took my lower body mobility to a whole new level.  I perform 10 reps then I just stay in that position and stretch.  I basically try to bring my groin to my heel in this position.  You can go very deep with this and once you take off the band if just feels great.  This is something that helped my lower body rehabilitation and I performed this with my physical therapist.  It also served well with preventing future injuries.  I highly recommend giving this voodoo band flossing  exercise a try.  You won't regret it.