#15 A Great Tip For Joint Health

I picked this tip up from Dr. Andreo Spina's podcast, which he was a guest speaker.  It is a very basic tip but it is something I don't know too many people doing. Basically, during the podcast Dr. Spina  stated that one of the best things for joint health is to actually work the joint and to perform5-10 minute joint routines in the morning.  Dr. Spina performs full circles with each joint in the body starting with the neck and working all the way down to his feet.  You can do 5 to 10 rotations in each direction for each joint and you can perform more reps depending on how much time you have.  You want to basically work slow and pay attention to any difficulties in these motions and you may want to follow up with a physical therapist if you notice anything out of the ordinary. This can possibly be a great way to prevent future injuries, since you can possibly pick up early cues of an injury, with this method.   Dr. Spina also said that he thought this was far superior than taking supplements for his joints.  Since all supplements do not get reviewed by the FDA, I always value information such as this.  It is not rocket science and it make a lot of sense.  As simple as it is, not many of us do this daily.

I think having a mobility routine in the morning can go a very long way and help athletes tremendously.  When I read about successful athletes, or speak with them, I always notice the ones that have a long and successful career, are the ones that have daily habits such as: a yoga/rolling stretching routine that they perform daily which is similar to brushing their teeth.  Most of us sit at desks all day or for long durations at a time and this really interferes with our joint mobility, blood circulation, and lymph flow.   There is literature out there already that shows that sitting all day can be as bad or worse than smoking, and I think we are going to find out more of the damages this causes to our bodies in future with further research.   I think it is extremely important to not sit for long durations at a time by possibly taking breaks and standing up for while, or going for a walk and to have daily habits that help us at least minimize the damages that is caused from sitting.    I  have added Dr. Spina's joint drill to my regular mobility exercise repertoire and even though it has been a few weeks I can feel my joints functioning smoother and not clicking as often.