#17 How To Effectively Apply Heat to The Muscles.

Heat is one of my favorite recovery tools.  It seems like it is so much easier to apply ice/cold but it can be tough to apply heat.  I tried various hot pads, hot stones, etc.  but I never got the results I was looking for.  I even tried putting hot water in bottles and holding it on muscles but I do not recommend doing this since you can get burned.  I tried hot stones and they were great but they end up getting cold really quick.  My physical therapist recommended a using a electric moist heating pad.  This thing is a life saver and great tool to use.  You want to make sure you buy a one that be used with a sprayed water bootle (moist electric pads) since the water helps with the heat go in deeper.  Most drugstores cary these pads.   I use this pad to heat up some of the tight muscles before a workout or just to help with recovery after a workout.  It is also a great tool to loosen certain muscles before a rolling session or self massage.