#20 Great Drill For Healthy Shoulders

Prone scapular swimmers are great for shoulder health.  During my rotator cuff injury in 2009, this is something my physical therapist made me do.  During this exercises brace your abs and glutes as in and keep the neutral spine.  Do not hyperextend the lumber spine to make up for range of motion deficiencies.

I also use exercises like this to correct my posture.  Motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins always state how important it is to have a good posture in order to be more positive.  Research of Amy Cuddy also proved that there is a strong like between testosterone, cortisol and body language.  I use prone scapular swimmers along with wall sliders to correct my posture.

If you are someone who sit at a desk all day, you definitely need to make it a daily habit to incorporate exercises like this in your routine as correctional exercises.


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