#27 Elbow Myofascial Release

Myofascial release techniques with foam rollers, lacrosse balls helped my recovery and rehabilitation process with various injuries.  I have a box full of different rollers and I use them interchangeably depending on my recovery process and  type different muscle groups I am working on.   I was diagnosed with tennis elbow a few years back and extensor region of the forearm muscles are one of the only muscles I cant not truly roll or massage with that much success.  I tried lacrossballs, tennisballs, golf balls, trigerpoint rollers and they all work fairly well but did not deliver the results I was looking for.  After trying a hexagonal dice one day, I was very impressed with the results.  I was able to get deep in to the tissue and relax the muscle applying pressure.  


Below is a picture of me using a hexagonal dice.  I usually put a cloth over the dice to make the massage/trigger-point-release season smoother.  If you are wearing a long sleeve shirt, that may work as well. I put the pressure on for 1-2 minutes then relax and I repeat it a few times.  Make sure to move the location of the dice throughout this process.  This is a powerful method and helps with relaxing this region.  I notice many olympic lifters have tight extensors along with many BJJ, Judo athletes.  This method is quite effective and is one of my favorite trigger point pressure points to relax this region.