#13 Magnet Metitation

For centuries people used the energy for healing.  Tai Chi, Qi Gong, acupuncture all have used the same philosophy.  Energy has been called Chi, prana, the life force in various different cultures.  It is something that many martial artists claimed they use to perform incredible feats.  Years ago I watched a Shaolin Monk, throw a needle and penetrated a solid piece of glass and I was amazed.  The heat scanners showed a flow of energy from the center of the body of the Shaolin Monk to his hand during the maneuver.  Martial artists believe that the chi is something that radiates from the center of the human body and this footage I watched on discovery channel was somewhat of an evidence to prove this thought. 

I have attended many seminars on Tai Chi, acupuncture for use of treating modern day ailments at the National Institute of Health and even though scientists do not understand why and how these arts can be beneficial, they have have seen significant changes in some of the patients during some of these studies.  There is a lot of research being done to further understand these arts and how to use them to improve health in Western Medicine.

The video below is a magnet meditation which I found to be very interesting.  Athletes such as Rich Froning wear magnetic necklaces since they believe it may actually help recovery.   Please check it out video below for more information on the magnetic meditation.