Awesome Rowing Workout

I picked this workout from Checkmat BJJ Istanbul.  It is a great club with many world class champions and they can be found at:    f

The workout consists of rowing with push up intervals.  This is a complete body workout and this is a blast. 

The workout s done for time and it is done in following order

50 Calorie rowing followed by  50 pushups
40Cal rowing followed by 40 push ups
30 Cal rowing followed by 30 push ups
20 Cal rowing followed by 20 push ups
10 Cal rowing to followed by 10 push ups.

Lower Body Circuit

This workout is by Nick Tumminello.   It basically consists of

  • 20 Speed Squats
  • 24 Front or Reverse Lunges
  • 12 Inch 24 reps of Spit Jumps W/ a box
  • 12 inch 12 box Jumps

This workout can be done 3-5 times.  You can wear a vest for the first 3 rounds and either take it off or make it lighter for the last 2 rounds.