Agility Ladder Plank Walks and Medicine Ball Push Ups Combo

This exercise utilizes agility ladder plank walks and medicine ball push ups.

Workout is described as below :

  • 1 Minute lateral agility ladder plank walks  
  • 20 Medicine ball close grip push ups
  • 1 Minute lateral 2 in and 2 Out plank walks
  • 10 each, one arm medicine ball push up (1 hand on medicine ball and 1 hand on ground)
  • 1 minute plank walk icky shuffles
  • 20 medicine ball explosive cross over push ups
  • 1 minute lateral agility ladder plank walks
  • 20 Medicine ball depth jump push up (video is included in video list below)

If you have any questions on the exercises, videos below demonstrate each one them.  This eworkout can be tough and if you are a beginner make sure to take breaks and feel free to do parts of the workout at a time until you build up to do the entire set